Chat-OSA Forum

We have set up a forum to connect with other Old Southendians, to keep in touch, and to offer advice to one another.

There are spaces set up to discuss:

  • Going to University
  • Careers/where is recruiting at the moment?
  • School memories
  • Loneliness/finding someone to chat with
  • Finding old friends
  • Moving away - finding recommendations for places to visit

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Excellent! Use your existing email and password to sign in and connect:

Go to the Chat-OSA Forum

Need a Chat-OSA account?

To join the community, please send us your details using the email address held by the Old Southendian Association, and we will send you an invite to connect.

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If you have any issues please contact

Getting started on the Chat-OSA Forum

Some Frequently Asked Questions and tips for getting started on the Chat-OSA Forum:

You are welcome to post under a "nickname" on the Chat-OSA Forum. To set your display name (and, if you wish to, upload a photo, and share other contact details with others on the forum):

  • Go to the top right and select your profile icon (by default a randomly coloured circle or your initials)
  • Choose "Profile" from the drop down menu
  • Choose "Edit Profile" from the right side of the page
  • Change your username and Full Name to suit (these are visible alongside your posts) - you may choose a nickname or pseudonym if you wish
  • Upload an image to be your profile picture, if you wish
  • Fill in other details, if you wish, including social media links
  • Choose "Save" to update your details, or cancel if you change your mind

New notifications will appear with a green dot on the notifications bell in the top right.

To adjust what notifications are sent to your email address, and the frequency of these notifications:

  • Go to the top right and select your profile icon (by default a randomly coloured circle or your initials)
  • Choose "Account Settings" from the drop down menu
  • Choose "Emails and Notifications" from the left hand menu
  • Edit the settings, and press "Save" to update your notifications

Posts will show up under "Your Feed", and also under a number of topics set up for your interest on the left hand side of the page. Select one to see what's been posted, and "Follow" a topic to have more posts from the topic reach your feed.

You can like or comment on items, follow an item to receive notification of other responses, or reply to other comments from other users.

Choose a topic from the left hand menu to post under, and then write your post. You can choose to post a "discussion" for more detailed contributions with formatting in the original message. Use the "Add Topic" button to tag other topics if relevant.

Please use the "report" option to flag anything that should be reviewed by our moderators. The OSA can track who has posted content and reserves the right to remove posts, or, in extreme circumstances, suspend access to the forum.

Reset your password here.

Do let us know your feedback: let us know what you've found useful, and feel free to suggest more topics or to pass on other thoughts. There's a "Feedback" topic where you can send this or, or email .